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Order: (067) 48-94-053 , (067) 58-55-300


kind: гладкие
1 pack: 3шт.
1 box: 24 упаковки
1 carton: 60 блоков
Price per Unit.: 5.13 UAH (0,18 У.Е.)

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Temporary out
Temperature of the light, K: 6400 белый
Meas. power, Вт: 4.5
Cap type: G5.3
Trademark (TM): xFOX
Type of ignition: пьезо
Housing: пластик прозрачный
Refueling valve: да
Quality: ISO9994 / EN13869
Pcs. block: 50
Pcs. in a box: 1000


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(067) 48-94-053
(067) 58-55-300