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Главная / Lamps / CFL lamp E14 15W T2FS

CFL lamp E14 15W T2FS

Temperature of the light, K: 4200
Meas. power, Вт: 15
Cap type: Е 14
Voltage, V: 220-240
Energy efficiency, (LmW): 60
Lifetime, h: 12000
The warranty period: 2 года
Manufacturer:        GRANDA-LUX

Сountry of origin : China

Packing in boxes: 10box x 10pcs

Number of pcsin ctns.: 100pcs

Best quality and low price in the Ukrainian market!
лампочки оптом

Price per Unit.: 5.13 UAH (0,18 У.Е.)

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Trademark (TM): ОГО
Type of ignition: пьезо
Housing: декорирован пленкой под мрамор
Refueling valve: да
Quality: без брака и пузырей
Pcs. block: 50
Pcs. in a box: 1000
Temporary out
Form: А55
Luminous Flux, Lm: 450
Temperature of the light, K: 4200
Meas. power, Вт: 5
Cap type: E27



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(067) 48-94-053
(067) 58-55-300