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Главная / Lamps / 3528 , 60smdm , IP20

3528 , 60smdm , IP20

Temperature of the light, K: 6400 белый
Voltage, V: 12
Energy efficiency, (LmW): 100
Lifetime, h: 50000
The warranty period: 1 год
Country of origin: China , EKOLAMPA GRANDA-LUX

Filling in drawers.: 40roll x 5 metrs

Detailed Description:
3528 Led strip , 60smdm , IP20 , DC12V , white pcb 300lumm ,
color white , 5m oll .

Price per Unit.: 21.2 UAH (0,8 У.Е.)

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Temporary out
Temperature of the light, K: 6400 белый


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