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Батарейки SAMSUNG Німеччина

The battery is a primary energy source, unlike batteries, its device-to-one or several related disc elements. Hence the name "battery" - that is, a single battery-powered devices.
Batteries are different shapes and sizes. The shape of the battery as a "finger" was chosen for a reason. A form of "Tom Thumb" - a narrow and tall cylinder. This shape ensures minimal battery internal resistance and the heat is dissipated better.
Gave up a single form of batteries because of the specificity of different instruments.
The batteries according to their applications are designed for high, medium and low loads.
Heavy loads in digital cameras, flashlights, CD-player, a device for measuring blood pressure. If you need batteries that are installed on the long-term cost to buy batteries SAMSUNG, these batteries tolerate heavy loads.
Average load inherent in children's toys, cassette players. Buy SONY batteries is for devices with medium and high power consumption.
Small loads typical of wall clocks, remote controls, radios. GERMANY buy batteries is for devices with low power consumption.
When loading the battery is different work differently. Keep in mind that the external environment strongly influences the efficiency of the batteries. Low temperature affects the electrical conductivity of the electrolyte inside the battery, causing the power supply capacity is lower.
Remember that the battery though small device, but it can be harmful if trying to recharge its own, cut or cast into the fire. Always follow the instructions for use, which the packaging.

Батарейки и аккумуляторы оптом для часов и автобрелков, газ для заправки зажигалок.

(067) 48-94-053
(066) 19-86-230
(067) 58-55-300